Urban development indicators

Urban Development Indicators quarterly monitoring reports

The NPS-UDC requires local authorities to monitor a range of market indicators on a quarterly basis. It encourages local authorities to publish the results of this monitoring.

The indicators specified in the NPS-UDS (Policy PB6) are:

  • prices and rents for housing, residential land and business land by location and type; and changes in these prices and rents over time;
  • the number of resource consents and building consents granted for urban development relative to the growth in population; and
  • indicators of housing affordability.

To assist councils in meeting this requirement the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and the Ministry for the Environment (MfE) have sourced and made available certain data via a new Development Capacity Dashboard(external link).

The Greater Christchurch Urban Development Indicators quarterly monitoring reports use data from this Dashboard and supplements this with other data from Statistics New Zealand and other sources, particularly in relation to business indicators.

These reports includes clarifying notes and also observations to help provide an overall picture of what the indicators might mean in the local context.

Quarterly Monitoring Reports