Included in the LURP section 5.4 is a requirement that it be reviewed: “Environment Canterbury will formally review the Land Use Recovery Plan in collaboration with the strategic partners"

Land Use Recovery Plan monitoring report

The strategic partners completed a LURP monitoring report in March 2015. This document includes a summary of progress of the 50 actions, and indicators to measure the extent to which the 15 outcomes identified in the LURP are being achieved.

Review of the Land Use Recovery Plan

Environment Canterbury, in collaboration with the recovery strategy partners, undertook a review of the Land Use Recovery Plan in  2015/16. The LURP states that: “In undertaking the review Environment Canterbury must obtain the views of greater Christchurch communities generally.  Environment Canterbury can determine the exact nature and timing of how it consults with communities.”

Consultation commenced in April 2015, with a second round of consultation ending on 28 August 2015. Comments received during both rounds of consultation were considered by Environment Canterbury. A Decision Report including recommendations for amendments to the LURP was approved by the Environment Canterbury Council and  presented to the Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery.

Land Use Recovery Plan amendments

Following the review of the LURP, the Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery gave approval for minor amendments to the LURP. These amendments include:

  • Making Figure 4 of the LURP (Map A Greenfield Priority Areas) 'indicative only'
  • Removing Appendix 1 of Volume 2 of the LURP 
  • Updating the status of the 50 actions