Information on who we are and how we work

Who we are

The Partnership comprises:

Councils in the Greater Christchurch area


Government organisations

How we work

We’ve set up a joint committee, the Greater Christchurch Partnership Committee (GCPC), with representatives from each Partner’s organisations to lead and coordinate our projects.

We want our work to be accessible and available to our communities so all GCP Committee agenda papers and minutes may be viewed via InfoCouncil. 

In addition to the GCP Committee, we’ve been successfully collaborating at every level within our partner organisations, from Chief Executives and senior managers to staff technical working groups.

Greater Christchurch Partnership governance and organisational structure

The Greater Christchurch Partnership Committee has an Independent Chair, Jim Palmer and is supported by the Partnership Manager, Anna Elphick. In addition the GCP Committee is supported by a Chief Executives Advisory Group, a Senior Managers Group and technical working groups.